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Bright Green US Gets (Tom) Savage

It’s the moment you all (or least we at Bright Green US) have been waiting for — our UK founder, Tom Savage, is on a plane from England with bike and kite-surfer in tow, coming to settle in San Francisco. He’ll be helping spread the Bright, Green word far and wide and work on getting many more of you into the careers you’re dreaming of.

Our Friday blogspace will be his domain for answering all your burning questions about green jobs — so before he gets here, we’ll fill you in on why he’s so very qualified to do so.

tom_green_face_biggerTom received undergraduate and post-grad degrees in Business and Management from Edinburgh and then Oxford, where he was awarded a prize scholarship for his MSc. After turning down funding to continue with a PhD at Oxford, and being frustrated after a short stint in investment banking, Tom took off on his own to pursue his passion for green business.

In 2003, Tom started a social enterprise called Blue Ventures (, which runs global conservation projects. In 2005, BV won the SEED Awards at the UN and the 2007 UN Equator Prize, as well as four Responsible Travel Awards and a Skal Eco-tourism award. In 2005 Tom also founded Tiptheplanet ( a green wiki site. In 2006, Tom ran Social Enterprise Day for the Cabinet Office, guest-editing their ‘Trailblazers Magazine’ and advising the new minister for the Third Sector, organizing events  as well as co-founding a new internationally-acclaimed social enterprise, Make Your Mark with a Tenner. In 2006, Tom co-founded Bright Green Talent.

And he’s gotten a fair amount of credit for all his hard work. In 2007, Tom was awarded the ‘Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. He was also selected as one of 30 ‘Everyday Heroes’ in the British Prime Minister’s book of the same title, with a chapter dedicated to his work. Tom was recently named one of Striding Out’s Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs, one of 35 “Young Guns” by ‘Growing Business’ magazine (the only social entrepeneur to make the list), and was Highly Commended as an “Enterprising Young Brit.”

We could go on, but I think we’re making him blush. Tom will hit the ground running next week, and you’ll start to hear things from his perspective. From the team at Bright Green US: welcome!


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