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Two Birds, One Solution

Posted by Nick

Social and environmental justice enterprises are beginning to show their true colors as we enter the 21st century. In large part, initiatives like Micro Energy Credits are merely a function of the emergent financial opportunities embedded in bottom of the pyramid, distributed business models focused on modernizing economies.

On another hand, they are reflective of a larger consumer awakening that each purchase need not be a open-loop process of consumption and disposal without regard to the environment or community. Instead, consumers are realizing that these processes can be closed loop, zero-impact, virtuous cycles that benefit not only their bottom line and immediate community, but the long-term health of the planet. This third dimension–sustainability (in some regards time)–which is increasingly held accountable on personal and business balance sheets is quickly changing the financial marketplace worldwide.

Grameen Bank, Micro Energy Credits, and others capitalize on this increasing consumer awareness to great effect, effectively killing two birds with one stone, and in the process, creating positive environmental and social change. Though killing two birds with one stone through market mechanisms is not novel, it has never has it felt so good and so sustainable.


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