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Paying it Forward at LaidOff Camp

Penned by Carolyn

Christina and I spent Tuesday morning at LaidOff Camp, an “unconference” aimed at helping unemployed people network and strategize about their job search and next steps. Around 500 people showed up at the first of these conferences – a whole slew of others are being planned around the country.

We had the chance to give a workshop on transitioning into the green sector. After giving some tips on where to start researching, networking, and learning, we turned to one of our favorite topics — paying it forward. At Bright Green, we’re trying to revolutionize the job search by educating jobseekers and connecting them with great, green opportunities. However, we can’t place everyone that comes to our door into a job, so we want you to realize the power you have to find a job and help others do so too. As we’ve discussed before, it’s really hard to find a job wholly on your own — you have a much better shot if you get a referral or meet someone and have an “in” with the company. Doing someone a favor by connecting them with a friend or acquaintance might not pay off for you right now, but we believe that it will come back around when you’re in need in the future. Simply put: create good will, create opportunity.

To facilitate this favor exchange, we used the “post-it exercise,” where everyone wrote a question or interest on a post it that they left on the wall. We encouraged people to check out those post-its during the day, and, if they felt they could help, to leave an email address. The hope is that everyone can pick up their post-it at the end of the day and have a group of folks to reach out to as they move their job search forward.

If you have success stories from “paying it forward” in your jobsearch, please leave us a comment —  we’d love to hear them!

Here are photos taken by Steve Rhodes. You can find the rest by searching Flickr for “”


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