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Moral Quandry of Greenwashing

 Posted by Nick, US MD

For the past few months, I’ve been watching organizations like Clorox push out green initiatives that seem brilliant on one hand, and contrived on the other. For organizations like Bright Green Talent, these initiatives present a moral quandry: do we work with companies who may not have the greenest of intentions in mind (not to say that Clorox doesn’t), or stay within our comfort zone and work with like-minded organizations.

Personally, I’ve decided to push Bright Green Talent’s US operation towards the former for two reasons. First, even if an organization doesn’t have the greenest of intentions at the outset, helping them launch green initiatives should expose them to the benefits of going green in the long run. If that logic holds true and these initiatives do turn out be successful, then the organization will likely come around and we’ll have affected positive change. Second, and perhaps more importantly, there’s a risk to the larger green movement that if organizations don’t start to move towards green service and product offerings, the momentum will stagnate and the world will be worse for wear. In that case, the moral quandry tips towards a moral imperative. Globally, we need to encourage not only organizations, but people and their governments to take calculated risks towards a greener society. It’s a double edged sword, and we may well get cut once or twice, but we’re committed and quite tough, and believe the best course of action is the greenest one. Stated simply, take the high road.


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