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Linking People and Planet: Our Partnership with Solar Richmond

Penned by Christina

christina-srYou may have noticed that we recently added a tag line on to our job descriptions, along the lines of “1% of the proceeds from this search will be reinvested in Solar Richmond, our non-profit partner.” While we’re glad to be able to financially support SR’s work (you should check out their site and learn about their amazing model), we are also committed to finding other ways to share our resources and knowledge of the green jobs space with our new partner.

So, on Friday, Nick and I went over to Solar Richmond to do just that.  We conducted and recorded mock interviews with students of the program that will be utilized as training materials for future classes.  Afterward, we also got the chance to see a live installation project where Solar Richmond had partnered with Grid Alternatives.

solar-richmond-logo3Our partnership with Solar Richmond in and of itself represents a sort-of culmination of a lot of concepts for me.  Back in 2005 when I first discovered Van Jones, it felt like he was the only one out there trumpeting the ideas that our social issues are intricately connected to our environmental ones.  I spent three years in grad school trying to connect those ideas in an academic context (which totally worked), but it has always been difficult to find the application of these ideas in a real-world context.  It was amazing for me to actually experience and really feel the dual focus that Solar Richmond places on teaching the technical skills necessary for their students to succeed coupled with “fuzzier” concepts like personal accountability, empowerment, teamwork and community.  Witnessing this model succeed literally brought me to tears.

Being able to apply the work I do through BGT’s green career coaching to this partnership was truly a moving experience and I thank Solar Richmond for letting us be a part of their amazing vision!

Photo: Me with Angie of Solar Richmond at the installation


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Why CSR pays

Here is an interesting article about CSR and HR and how the two work together. Some of the key extracts:

  • If there is something that is guaranteed to make businesses sit up and listen it is competitive advantage. Human Resources agrees that CSR practice adds value to busines.
  • So why is corporate responsibility important for HR? When asked to rank the top three benefits of CSR in the workplace, the most votes overall went to helping to retain staff, followed by the ability to attract the best talent and helping increase motivation and engagement. But when asked to rank the single most important benefit, 57% of you said creating a strong organisational culture is the most important aspect of CSR.
  • Research from resourcing communications agency TCS finds that 44% of employees say an organisation’s CSR policy is likely or very likely to affect their decision to apply for a job within that organisation.
  • According to a survey by BPRI and BMRB last year, 44% of the public and 66% of MPs think the motivation behind CSR is enhancing image, rather than contributing to the community or motivating employees.
  • Nearly 30% of people would compromise their salary to work for a company with a good CSR policy.
  • Business executives, NGOs and policymakers believe that CSR will become a core business strategy in the next five years. A survey released at the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) annual conference in San Francisco found that 82% of 330 business leaders polled at the event were optimistic that this would be the case.

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