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A Bright Green Refresher: Categorized Advice for Green Jobseekers

Since February, we’ve been putting out daily advice for green jobseekers. If you’re new to our blog or want to poke around in a specific topic, here’s a nearly-complete list of our advice posts. Have a look around!

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To School or Not to School?
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Linking People and Planet: Our Partnership with Solar Richmond
“Oh no, please don’t make me NETWORK!”

Sustainability Consulting:
Sustainability Consulting: What is it, and am I qualified? Part I
Sustainability Consulting: What is it, and am I qualified? Part II

Career Transitioning:
Perspectives from a Green Career Transition-er
To School or Not to School?
Getting Oriented to Go Green
Getting Radically Tempered: Creating Change from the Inside

Renewable Energy Inroads
Solar Opportunities to Match your Skill Set
Solar Classes and Certifications

Students and Recent Grads:
The Real Deal on Green Jobs for Students and Recent Grads
Get Skills; Get Savvy Part I
Get Connected (Networking 101)
How Not to Be a Jobseeker Horror Story
Resume Boot Camp I
Resume Boot Camp II
Resume Boot Camp III
Get Linked(In)

“Oh no, please don’t make me NETWORK!”
Get Connected (Networking 101)
Get Linked(In)

Career Coaching:
Here to Help: BGT Launches Career Coaching
Career Coaching: Launch is a Success!
Kudos to Christina: Career Coaching Feedback

Tom’s (Rules of) Thumb
Green Jobs: The Definitive Article
Top Skills for Getting a Green Job
What’s the Best Way to Find a Green Job?
Twit Your Way to a Green Job
On Eco-preneurship


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Tom’s (Rules of) Thumb: Twit Your Way to a Green Job

tom_green_face_biggerPenned by Tom

According to my dictionary, the word ‘twit’ means a silly or foolish person. Is the current rush to Twitter a great drive towards April 1st, where we’ll all be declared fooled, or is there real value out there for the wise that are looking to get into a green job?

I’ve certainly been interested to dive in and you can follow my posts here – It also feels good – to mix fun and pierce the sometimes overly-formal veil that lies between a company’s public image and the people that work within. Yes, stop the press, we here at Bright Green Talent find people meaningful careers, but we also have tipsy evenings, days of despair, and laugh… (a lot and very loudly in the case of Christina). We want to be able to share these moments too, to prove that it’s not all work and no play, as well as reward people with more up-to-date action and reaction from Bright Green Towers.

But onto twitutility – there are some useful ways to use twitter to help you find a green job, or research a green career. Here’s my list, in a lot more than 140 characters:

  • Find out if your future employer twitters. Use this as a method of doing your research and enabling you to go into interview, or to pitch to that person/company with a better idea of what they like/don’t like.
  • If you have a big enough following, ask people questions about your resume, your interview technique, or anything you want quick answers to. Use your followers to do research and get reactions.
  • Use the searches. Although unrelated, the best way my friend in Madagascar could keep up with the crisis there was to check Twitter rather than the news (which was always too slow). Beat the rush by searching for green jobs, or using some of the # (hashtags) to find out what’s going on. You might find out about opportunities before others if you’re on the ball. By way of example, we launched a new job search for Wal-Mart which we tweeted about first today.
  • Follow those specifically targeted at green jobs, or other categories that fit your needs. e.g. greenjob, Green Jobs in the USA, Green Jobs.
  • If you’re twittering, be sure that a future employer can’t follow your posts about your communist past, love of beer or flirtation with illegal substances. Recruiters will start to use twitter more and more to do a check on someone.
  • Be careful, you can screw up.
  • Use it as one of a number of tools, but don’t go overboard. Having 20k followers isn’t necessarily going to result in your getting a job. At some point you have to drop the keyboard and get stuck in. There’s nothing like face-to-face time.

Tom aka @brightgreen

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As a business founder, it’s sometimes difficult to express what you’re trying to achieve when you build a company. How do you communicate your vision to staff and stakeholders and how to ensure you have their buy-in?

I’m very happy with the values Bright Green developed as a team. I believe that they encapsulate not just what we’re doing, but how we aim to go about growing and developing as an organisation.

Additionally, setting values with the help of your staff helps ensure that they believe in these aims. An entrepreneur wants to leave their staff to be as autonomous as possible, as such these values help guide people within the organisation when they are confronted by a dilemma or a decision that might need to be made without guidance.

So, without further ado – here they are:

Be Passionate Professionals: We are passionate about what we do, which we strive to combine with unwavering professionalism.

Whether it’s how to present yourself at a client meeting, or who we hire, we want to be guided by passion and professionalism. The combination of these two forces together is what’s important – one but not the other is not good enough for us.

Constantly Growing: We aim to continually learn and improve, both individually and as an organisation.

Business provides continuous opportunity for growth and we are excited by the possibility of what being attentive to our growth can bring us personally, as well as financially.

Use our Internal Compasses: We want act rather than react, using our beliefs and considered judgement to guide us as we work.

Throughout modern society, I’m surprised by how often people react as opposed to act as a result of situations that unfurl, whether in business, politics or day to day. We want to try to take a step back and act on the basis of our morals and through consideration, not as a result of a knee-jerk reaction.

Be Courageous: We recognise that the easy choice is not always the right choice.

Throughout your day/life, there are countless times when it’s easier to avoid doing something, even if that something would bring about greater rewards, whether spiritually or financially. We want to try to be brave enough to do the difficult things if it means that we’ll grow and do the right thing.

Inspiring Hiring: We only hire people who inspire us, and want our clients and candidates to be inspired by one another.

Even when a candidate has ticked all the boxes, sometimes you’re left with a feeling that they wouldn’t inspire us. We try, wherever we can, to listen to that feeling.

Aside from the last value, I’ve been using these in my day to day, as well as at the office, which is perhaps testament to how pleased I am with them.

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