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Christina headshotPenned by Christina
Everyday we see people giving out advice often in forms of lists – e.g. Get a Green Job in 3 Simple Steps! Though we admittedly sometimes do the same thing ourselves sometimes to make our advice digestible, it’s important to take this type of guidance with a grain of salt. As many of you have probably noticed, it takes much more than any 3 simple steps to find your way into a meaningful career.

Thus, I was delighted to receive an update from my new favorite blogger (and surprisingly, a marketer) Seth Godin, that highlighted this issue from a marketing perspective and can certainly be applied to the job search process.  It’s important to remember that it is rare to find a one-size-fits-all-solution to a complex problem.  You must look at your background, experience and personality and evaluate based on that how to make your impact.  Thus, be wary of simple solutions (especially those that have an “infomerical feel”) to solve all of your career woes.  It’s as true as ever that self-reflection and subsequent effort on your part is required.  Exactly what that effort entails is up to you to figure out…

On a side note, I was thrilled to see that who you are and not just what you have done is still managing to get some credit even in this economic environment from the Delta CEO.  Cheers to interesting, thoughtful and ethical individuals!


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