7 Reasons to Use a Recruiter

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tom_green_face_biggerPenned by Tom

No matter how hard we at Bright Green Talent try to be honest, charming, erudite bright greenies, people’s perception of us is still occasionally tarnished by others in our trade – the recruiters who sling CVs around without a thought to anyone who’ll receive them, in the hope that they’ll make some quick cash.

As I’ve said before, we started this company because we saw an opportunity to do things properly within the green sector and to help people get green jobs. For us, it’s about creating long-term relationships, not short-term transactions. From the feedback (and placements) we receive, it’s a joy to be continually vindicated.

Yet many people still don’t use recruiters to their benefit. If you need convincing, here are 7 reasons for using a good (the good bit’s important!), green recruiter wisely:

  1. Share the load. You’ve landed a green job and aren’t actively looking – let someone else keep an eye on the market for you. A good recruiter will keep you in mind as they swing through their days, weeks and months.
  2. It costs you nothing – recruiters receive fees from the company, not you, so why not post your CV? As long as you don’t get continually spammed for hopeless jobs, you should benefit.
  3. Gain an advocate. Recruiters will know the industry, they’ll help you get the right salary, give you tips before interview, and help negotiate on your behalf.
  4. Save time. You’ll learn what you should/shouldn’t be applying for and what you’re likely to get or not before wasting time yourself on something unrealistic.
  5. Increase your resume’s chance of being read. Companies receive a slew of CVs. If yours comes through a good trusted recruiter, it’s already been filtered from many others – therefore it’s more likely to be read.
  6. Think long-term. Once you’ve engaged with a recruiter on one position (whether you are hired or not), they’ll always keep you in mind for future positions. The more you engage, the closer relationship you’ll create and the more opportunities will come your way.
  7. Access insider opportunities. Recruiters will sometimes recruit for a green job that they cannot post publicly – they hunt actively rather than passively, and they’ll start with their databases. Positions are sometimes filled without ever being posted. If you’re not on the list, you’re not getting hired.

If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to ramp up your job search by engaging with Bright Green Talent. Choose wisely, let us know about your good/bad recruiter experiences, as we continue to learn and grow.


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