“Oh no, please don’t make me NETWORK!!”

April 7, 2009 at 4:26 pm Leave a comment

Christina headshotDuring my career coaching meetings, the topic of networking comes up pretty much every time because people:

1. Know they need to be doing it.
2. Are not doing it enough.
3. Have an averse reaction to it.

Let’s address #3 since that’s the most critical to deal with #1 and #2.  I tell people that it would be helpful to re-frame what networking means to them.  Rather than walking into an event assuming you are ‘on the prowl’ for a job and/or for someone who can give it to them, Why not just think of it as an opportunity to meet some interesting people, hear what they’re up to and perhaps talk a little about what gets you excited in the world? Huh.  That sounds a little more like a party than a networking event doesn’t it?  That’s the point.

I don’t want to make it sound quite so easy.  A true “re-framing” is difficult to achieve but the benefits to both your job search and sanity are endless.  greenclimbing1

Also look for fun, interesting events that seem to be less stressful.  For one such example, join us when we host a rock-climbing event with Net Impact on April 21st – maybe I’ll see you there?!  We can network if you are.

We’re also out and about at GreenDrinks in San Francisco (which is moving to the first Tuesday of the month at 111 Minna), and will keep you posted with more details about a career fair/cocktail hour we’re sponsoring with them in late May.


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