Plain English Explanation of Financial Meltdown

October 14, 2008 at 4:27 am Leave a comment

Penned by Nick

As ever, my favorite NY Times published an Op-Ed that, for the first time in my reading, elucidated the dark corners of just what the hell is going on on Wall Street.

What was interesting was the way in which this piece was connected to the climate crisis, with the connective tissue being our insatiable desire to consume now, ask questions later. As we draw deeper into the climate crisis, largely without understanding our own fate that’s being daily determined by our actions, I can’t help but want to just give it all up at times. The education, the effort, the daily slog against those who just don’t believe it’s anything but business as usual out there–it’s enough to make an ecopreneur want to cash in, go for the easy money, and not think twice about the future. I’m far from a moral high-hogger, but insistent that, at least, we agree to start giving real science a chance and educate our children so that we can see with fresh eyes the problem-solving, will power, and genius of a generation truly committed to self preservation.


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