Captivated by the wrong crisis

October 10, 2008 at 9:45 am Leave a comment

Stern warnings by Tom:

What is the biggest issue threatening the global economy right now? I imagine almost anyone who has access to global news will tell you it’s the financial crisis. Wrong!

Perhaps the financial meltdown will affect each of us over the coming years? The speed of the crisis, coupled with the related financial tendrils that creep into each of our lives is surely cause for concern. Yet there is another crisis that dwarfs this, which the world has largely ignored as we’ve gorged on cheap money – the environmental crisis.

Let’s look at the figures – if we still believe that economic drivers are really the most important measure of development? (For a good counter, check out Development as Freedom):

Each year, by some estimates, we loose $2-5 trillion simply through forest loss (compared with an estimated $1-1.5 trillion lost in the financial crisis). That’s just forests! We’ve got climate change too, which could risk reducing global GDP by 20%, marine issues… the issues and the costs pile up. By some reports, the annual (yes annual) loss in ecosystem services from biodiversity loss could exceed 14 trillion Euros by 2050.

As the financial crisis clearly demonstrates, it doesn’t pay to panic. Instead, we need to commit, daily, to greening the world in which we live as we grow our companies and economies. That’s why we here at Bright Green, and many of our clients, are looking beyond the financial crisis and continuing to find bright, green talent to stay competitive in our uncertain future.

So go for a walk in a park or in the countryside as the autumnal leaves colour, as they’ve been doing for millions of years, and bring yourself back to act on the real crisis at hand.


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