Burning the Midnight Fluorescent

August 5, 2008 at 3:05 am Leave a comment

It’s 8p PST, and I’m still at the office. The halogens and CFL’s are burning bright, casting an eerie glow off the window as the sun sets deep on the western horizon. What’s curious is that most of the office lights across the street are off. I find it interesting not because it means people aren’t working, but because San Francisco is one of the first to threaten to penalize (read: fine) buildings for leaving their lights on at night. From a first-hand perspective, it seems there’s no need–most of the lights are already off. And then you crane your neck around the corner and open the view (we’ve got a rather narrow one at the moment), and suddenly you see it: a cornicopia of energy consumer lights patch worked across the night sky! Hundreds, if not more, of these little kilowatt zappers humming uselessly in the night air! I’ve never quite understood it, and certainly don’t support it, but for  Gaia’s sake, can we all agree that we don’t need to leave lights on when we’re not in the room! Americans have much to learn from Europeans (and I’m sure the rest of the world) when it comes to energy conservation…perhaps the most important of which is don’t work so late you find yourself contemplating things like this?!


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