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July 11, 2008 at 1:42 pm Leave a comment

Penned by Nick

I found myself reading “The Onions” annual “All-Paper Salute to the Environment” this week, and laughing heartily at their story on titled “Raped Environment Led Polluters On, Defense Attorneys Argue.” Comic, but poignant, particularly as I watched from the doorstep of San Francisco as over 300+ wildfires continue to rage throughout the State, destroying over 600,000 acres of forest and injuring over 200 firefighters. The air quality is so bad that throughout much of the state, a moratorium has been placed on physical activity for nearly two weeks as particulate matter clouds the skyline to the point I can’t even see two blocks down the street. Scary, sad, concerning.

On the flip side, a bit of good news continues to come out of a wonderful woman who’s come into my life through Bright Green. Pam’s our A-list bookkeeper who’s currently on the east coast, cutting up the Bright Green team’s donated cotton clothing into small shreds (see pic below) to be made into organic paper that’s embedded with lettuce seeds. At the end of the project, we should end up with a marketing piece that can be read and then thrown into the garden, and hopefully these “leaf”lets will yield veggies galore for the reader. Seems the karmic equation’s in some balance–would be nice to see it tip in the environment’s favor. More on that, the G8 summit, and next step in our paper making process next week, when I write from London. Until then, green out.

Donated BGT team clothes being made into our marketing booklets

Donated BGT team clothes being made into our marketing booklets


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