Solution to the Pollution

June 5, 2008 at 6:23 am Leave a comment

Penned by Nick

This evening I attended a Dream Reborn gathering in Oakland, CA that centered around the Green Collar Jobs campaign in California that’s framing out a template for other states and even federal regulation in 2009/10. First, what an inspiring, wonderful event–the green collar jobs movement is real, widespread, and truly changing the socio-economic landscape around the State.

Second, I was struck by how many ways there are to “plug in” to the green jobs movement. Whether your interest in food, fashion, fishing, or foreign policy, there’s a place for you at the table. Organic local grocers are helping to bring quality foods back to disenfranchised communities. Fashion gurus are streamlining their production processes and retooling their raw materials to be more environmentally sustainable, both to lower operating costs and increase marketability to potential customers. Fish–both large and small–are facing fierce environmental change in the water that’s changing behaviour, directly impacting human safety, as we’ve seen along the Pacific coast in recent weeks. Foreign policy, now more than ever, centers around the implicit fact that the solution to pollution requires a systemic approach to foreign policy, whether it be food tariffs and how they affect biofuels production, or population and poverty debates that redress eco-apartheid imbalances.

While walking out of the Dream Reborn gathering, I was struck by the deep realization that though we can’t see it at every turn, the reality of a green revolution is just around the corner, drawing closer every day. 2009 promises to be a watershed year, though it’s incumbent on us to do something today to ensure a brighter, greener future tomorrow.


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