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One of the key things every entrepreneur struggles with is focus. I was talking to a business contact when I described my continual need to re-focus and prevent myself getting excited about unrelated opportunities. Shortly after he sent me an email with the following article, by Keith Ferrazzi:

“My biggest issue has always been my lack of focus, so one of my New Year’s resolutions is to step back in so many places, particularly my businesses, to assure I have the solid footing and grounding I need. Yoga is a nice proxy for life. As I do yoga and thoughts of the day race through my mind, I begin to stagger and cannot keep my balance. But when I focus my attention on the yoga move, I can execute it and it feels good. Then comes that next thought… and I’m stumbling around the mat again, not really enjoying myself or getting any physical or emotional value from the exercise. Richard Branson once told me that in order to sustain variety and growth, we need a solid foundation that will always be there. Actually, when I asked him how he can lead such an eclectic business when everyone else preaches focus focus focus, he said, “Variety is fine once you can pay the rent.” The idea that a solid foundation is critical before we look to expand is also true of friends, relationships with our significant others, and certainly work and career.”

Check this link to see his blog.

His sending this email sparked a few thoughts.

1) The need to be able to focus on any given task at any given time. When you are doing one thing and thinking of another, you loose out from both! My own ‘yoga’ is meditation, which I try to do for 5-10 mins each morning. Even 5 mins can dramatically impact my day.

2) That even those who have a life of variety like Richard Branson needed to focus on building the foundations in a structured and focused way.

3) That sending a present, whether a thought or something tangible, is a very powerful and thoughtful way of grabbing someone’s attention. At the World Entrepreneurship Summit I met Henry Stewart, Chief Executive of Happy. He was wearing a very Bright Green shirt and I commented on how great it was and where you could get them, so we can be a walking branding machine ;). Two days later, a parcel arrived and he’d taken the time to go and buy me one and send it on. Now, I’ll be recommending his company to everyone I meet, and looking very Bright Green at key meetings, as you can see from the attached photo!

Henry’s company has the following accolades. Check out the company when you can!

2008 Best Present givers of the Year

2007 Best Workplaces (Financial Times): No. 2
2007 IT Training Company of the Year, Silver (Institute of IT Training)
2006 Most positive Impact on Society of any small business in UK (Business in the Community)
2005 Most Inspired Workplace in UK (Inspired Leaders)
2003 Best Customer Service in UK (Management Today/Unisys Service Excellence UK Overall Winner)

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