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As a business founder, it’s sometimes difficult to express what you’re trying to achieve when you build a company. How do you communicate your vision to staff and stakeholders and how to ensure you have their buy-in?

I’m very happy with the values Bright Green developed as a team. I believe that they encapsulate not just what we’re doing, but how we aim to go about growing and developing as an organisation.

Additionally, setting values with the help of your staff helps ensure that they believe in these aims. An entrepreneur wants to leave their staff to be as autonomous as possible, as such these values help guide people within the organisation when they are confronted by a dilemma or a decision that might need to be made without guidance.

So, without further ado – here they are:

Be Passionate Professionals: We are passionate about what we do, which we strive to combine with unwavering professionalism.

Whether it’s how to present yourself at a client meeting, or who we hire, we want to be guided by passion and professionalism. The combination of these two forces together is what’s important – one but not the other is not good enough for us.

Constantly Growing: We aim to continually learn and improve, both individually and as an organisation.

Business provides continuous opportunity for growth and we are excited by the possibility of what being attentive to our growth can bring us personally, as well as financially.

Use our Internal Compasses: We want act rather than react, using our beliefs and considered judgement to guide us as we work.

Throughout modern society, I’m surprised by how often people react as opposed to act as a result of situations that unfurl, whether in business, politics or day to day. We want to try to take a step back and act on the basis of our morals and through consideration, not as a result of a knee-jerk reaction.

Be Courageous: We recognise that the easy choice is not always the right choice.

Throughout your day/life, there are countless times when it’s easier to avoid doing something, even if that something would bring about greater rewards, whether spiritually or financially. We want to try to be brave enough to do the difficult things if it means that we’ll grow and do the right thing.

Inspiring Hiring: We only hire people who inspire us, and want our clients and candidates to be inspired by one another.

Even when a candidate has ticked all the boxes, sometimes you’re left with a feeling that they wouldn’t inspire us. We try, wherever we can, to listen to that feeling.

Aside from the last value, I’ve been using these in my day to day, as well as at the office, which is perhaps testament to how pleased I am with them.


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